March 30 - June 1, 2017
The second programme for NDT 2 is full of contrasts. Smoke and Mirrors  presents two world premieres by associate choreographer Marco Goecke, and up and coming choreographers Imre van Opstal and Marne van Opstal, in addition to a revival of SH-BOOM! (2000) by house choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot. All five creators differ greatly in style, age, background and aesthetic, challenging the young dancers of the company to quickly adapt to the wide variety of works that has come to signify NDT’s outstanding quality.

Associate choreographer Marco Goecke reappears this season to create a new piece for the second company. This world class, top notch choreographer shares the stage with beginning choreographers Imre van Opstal and Marne van Opstal, who will make their first ever piece for the company. Smoke and Mirrors is concluded with SH-BOOM! by Sol León and Paul Lightfoot and consists of a range of comical scenes from post-war songs from around the world.

Now the dancers will also perform the popular work Sara by choreographers Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar.



“Midnight Raga is intense and groteske. The dancers shake nervously, either solo or together."

- Theaterkrant ****

“Circulating movements become meetings, an individual is taken in by the group only to be spit out again. This is how an image of unending movement unfolds, flowing or scaccato, fast or delayed."

- NRC Handelsblad on The Grey

Sol León
Marco Goecke
Paul Lightfoot
Sharon Eyal
Imre van Opstal
Gai Behar
Marne van Opstal

In this programme:

Midnight Raga - Marco Goecke (world premiere)
“Goecke combines a deep midnight blue with his piece Midnight Raga, the title of which hearkens back to classical Indian music. Usually, Goecke does not begin a piece with music. This time it is different: the Indian music by Ravi Shankar is the starting point. The choreographer liked both the Indian mysticism and the “freaky” quality of the music. He was also excited by the idea of using Indian music without resorting to elements of Indian dance at all. “I have been fascinated by India for a long time now, because life there is so concentrated, intense, and seemingly immaterial yet at the same time many people die in the most bitter poverty. I also think the ritual cremations after death have a captivating and annihilating power.” Despite the Asian-Indian inspiration – also ref lected in the heavy blue silks of the costumes –, one thing is unmistakable right from the start: the presence of Goecke’s very own, nervous movement language; tailor-made for these two dancers, who have internalized it in every fibre of their bodies.”

Midnight Raga - Marco Goecke

The Grey - Marne van Opstal & Imre van Opstal (world premiere)
“This work invites you into a story. From a desire to stop time, it explores ways to rethink or re-live a passage in life. A path made through choices and actions. Every choice potentially being a pivotal moment, with an array of different outcomes.

A lapse... This soundless stolen time allows us to wonder with growing questions. What has happened? Where do we go? What are the consequences? Are these matters of faith? Like clouds hovering between the sky and earth, they convey the hiddenness as well as the manifestation of the divine. Will we ever truly know what was meant to be?

Like clouds, we are in constant state of creation... never black nor white. Whichever choice we make, we always find ourselves in between, in the grey.”

The Grey - Imre en Marne van Opstal

Sara- Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar

Israeli Choreographers Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar have been an innovative pair in the contemporary dance world for years. For this creation for NDT 2 they worked with long term collaborater and musician Ori Lichtik. In these multi-disciplinary efforts movement, sound and lighting stand side by side, creating pieces that exceed the borders of ‘traditional’ contemporary dance and turn all the elements into equal protagonists.

Sara was created in 2013 and has been composed for NDT 2 especially. The choreography revolves around memories, dreams, emotions, inspiration, loneliness, sorrow, and sharing. "It springs from the subconscious, but is very humane at the same time”, says choreographer Sharon Eyal. The mysterious dream world originates fully from the creators’ feelings and intuitions.

Assistant to the choreographers: Doug Letheren
Music: New composition by Ori Lichtik; The Knife - From off to on
Light: Tom Visser
Decor and costumes: Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar
Worldpremiere: 4 April 2013, Lucent Danstheater Den Haag
Duration:10 minutes

SH-BOOM! - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot

Combining a sense of humour with irony, SH-BOOM! expresses the way people from different backgrounds and even sexes conduct and relate themselves to each other. Inspired by the satirical sketches of Goya (Black & White), the dark side (irony) and the lighter side (humour) are mixed and intertwined.

In 1995 SH-BOOM! was performed on the 10 Dancers Ensemble Tour in Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London. The ballet was nominated for the prestigious Laurence Olivier Award in the category Best Dance Production of the Year. The ballet was extended and included in the NDT 1 repertory in September 2000. In 2004, Sol León and Paul Lightfoot added two sections to the 2000 version. SH-BOOM!  is set to post-WW II evergreens  from around the world.

SH-BOOM! - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot