February 2 - April 8, 2017
Scenic Route
, the third programme by NDT 1, presents two works by house
choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot, showcasing the incredible artistic range by this choreographic duo and their dancers.

The evening consists of two halves, a world premiere and Silent Screen (2005), that reflect and juxtapose each other. For the new creation, long time collaborator Max Richter will compose a new piece. The second work, Silent Screen, can be seen as the epitome of a transdisciplinary performance where dance, theatre, film and music effortlessly come together to melt into a painterly Gesamtkunstwerk. Here, León and Lightfoot’s other longtime creative partnership with Philip Glass is highlighted, who will turn 80 years old in 2017. With that, Scenic Route acts as a nod of recognition to both these composers that have played an important role in León and Lightfoot’s careers from the beginning. The music will be performed live by Het Balletorkest in The Hague and Amsterdam.

“...45 breathtaking minutes...Silent Screen is the longest and probably most beautiful and intriguing work of the duo"

- Telegraaf about Silent Screen

Sol León
Paul Lightfoot

In this programme:

Singulière Odyssée - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot (world premiere)

Assistants to the choreographers: Anders Hellstrom, Ander Zabala
Music: Max Richter: Exiles
Light: Tom Bevoort
Set design: Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
Costumes: Joke Visser, Hermien Hollander
Duration: 34 minutes

Pour Gérard Lema

Silent Screen (2005) - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot

Silent Screen is a ballet that is seemingly set up like a film. Not only because of the three large screens that show (though never pre-dominatingly) film fragments in which a couple in love and a little girl go through various emotional phases, but also because Sol León and Paul Lightfoot’s repertory of movements refers to the influences of their major source of inspiration for this ballet: the silent films of the 1920s and the enormous expressiveness of the actors in those days.

With the layered music of Philip Glass (Glassworks) León and Lightfoot have created a unique universe in Silent Screen.

Music: Philip Glass
From Glassworks (1982): Opening, Floe, Islands, Rubric,  Façades
From The Hours (2002): Closing, Why does someone have to die?
Light: Tom Bevoort
Decor: Sol León and Paul Lightfoot
Costumes: Sol León and Paul Lightfoot (Big thank you to Joke Visser and Hermien for realisation and support)
Concept film: Sol León and Paul Lightfoot
Realisation film: Metropolis Film and Dicky Schuttel
Worldpremière: 28 April 2005, Lucent Danstheater Den Haag
Duration: 42 minutes

Silent Screen - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot