May 18 - June 15, 2017
Season 2016-2017 concludes with an evening solely dedicated to the work of associate choreographer Crystal Pite. The Statement, created in 2016, was conceived as a companion piece to Parade, a work Crystal Pite created with NDT four years ago. Now she has woven these two works together into a full-evening performance.

Parade is an allegory of an escalating conflict between two cultures. It presents a politicized and volatile frontier, where borders are shifting, and people are displaced or decimated so others can gain ground. Though its theme is as timely as ever, Parade nevertheless sits at a level of remove - as if the events are from a time long ago and in a fictitious land comfortably far off. Parade is presented as an absurd circus act, with the conflict exploding between a camp of clowns and a rank-and-file marching band.

In counterpoint, The Statement is a wedge of realism; cold and current. We recognize both the characters and the language as being of our world and our time. The Statement is a one-act play, with four characters locked in their own battle for control, and with the morality of their actions: they have been tasked with fuelling a conflict in a distant country. Character “A” declares: “For generations they’ve been fighting. All we did was use it. We used it as an opportunity - the attacks - for investment. For growth. We used it.” Now, being asked to take responsibility for their actions in order to exonerate their superiors, a conflict is rising within their department.

The Statement re-frames Parade as a constructed and exploited theatre of war. It aims to un-peel the layers of artifice and stylization that make Parade so otherworldly, and to bring us closer to the content within. The work questions our own level of remove and culpability in humanitarian crises that are unfolding at a distance right now.

NDT is very proud to announce that Crystal Pite won the prestigious 2017 Benois de la Danse! She won the prize for Best Choreographer for The Seasons’ Canon, commissioned by the Paris Opera Ballet. Congratulations, Crystal!



“Crystal Pite's choreography is as playful as it is threatening and as inventive as it is exquisitely choreographed"

- de Volkskrant about Parade

Crystal Pite

The Statement - Crystal Pite

Assistant to the choreographer: Ander Zabala
Music: Owen Belton
Playwright: Jonathon Young
Vocal performance: Meg Roe, Colleen Wheeler, Andrew Wheeler, Jonathon Young
Light: Tom Visser
Decor: Jay Gower Taylor
Costumes: Crystal Pite, Joke Visser
World premiere: February 4 2016, Zuiderstrandtheater The Hague

I New Then - Johan Inger

Parade - Crytal Pite

Staged by: Eric Beauchesne, Peter Chu
Assistant to the choreographer: Ander Zabala
Music: Owen Belton
Playwright: Jonathon Young
Jonathon Young
Vocal performance: Craig Erickson, Bill Mondy, Gerard Plunkett, Meg Roe, Jonathon Young
Light: Tom Visser
Additional Lighting: Lisette van der Linden
Decor: Jay Gower Taylor
Costumes: Nancy Bryant
Puppets: Heidi Wilkinson
Puppet costumes: Joke Visser
Video: Wladimiro Woyno
World premiere: February 7 2013, Lucent Danstheater The Hague
Premiere new version: May 18 2017, Zuiderstrandtheater The Hague

Total duration: 70 minutes, without intermission

Rehearsal Parade - Crystal Pite