For the first time, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) will visit Dublin for a very special performance on Thursday June 13, 2019. This performance coincides with the occasion of the state visit of their majesties, The King and Queen of The Netherlands. The dancers of NDT 2 will present an exciting programme consisting of three ballets, including works by NDT’s house choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot, NDT’s associate choreographer Marco Goecke, and maestro Hans van Manen.


Paul Lightfoot
Sol León
Marco Goecke
Hans van Manen

In this programme

Signing Off- Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
Signing Off
(2003) is a heart-rending ballet about saying goodbye, to the Concerto for violin and orchestra by Philip Glass. Pure expression and virtuosity, with flashing movements integrated into elegant long lines. The set is part of the cast and provides a terrifyingly beautiful closing image, in which two female dancers are swallowed up by billowing black silk sheets.

Winner of Benois de la Danse 2003

Midnight Raga - Marco Goecke
“Goecke combines a deep midnight blue with his piece Midnight Raga, the title of which hearkens back to classical Indian music. The raga is a basic melodic structure which often emotionally suits a particular time of day. Usually, Goecke does not begin a piece with music. This time it is different: the Indian music by Ravi Shankar is the starting point. The choreographer liked both the Indian mysticism and the “freaky” quality of the music. He was also excited by the idea of using Indian music without resorting to elements of Indian dance at all.” Dramaturge Nadja Kadel

Winner Dutch Swan Award 2017!

Simple Things - Hans van Manen
Hans van Manen created this dynamic quartet in 2001 for the young dancers of NDT 2. It is a wondrous, seemingly natural creation for two pairs. The ballet opens and closes with a powerful duet for two men, where one watches while the other dances. In between they dance several pas-de-deux with two women, expressing in movement the relationships between two people. In this ballet Van Manen reveals himself as a master of simplicity.