October 11-14, 2018

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SUN14/10Berliner Festspiele
Berliner Festspiele


Paul Lightfoot
Sol León
Marco Goecke
Edward Clug

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Subtle Dust - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot

Wir sagen uns Dunkles - Marco Goecke
“Today, my feelings belong to the dancers, more than ever before”, said Goecke after creating
Wir sagen uns Dunkles (2017), one of his newer creations for NDT 2. On this work, his dramaturg Nadja Kadel explained:
“[The work] begins with encounters in the studio between the choreographer and the dancers. Their meetings appear unimportant, yet simultaneously they are more important than anything else; young, naughty and evil, playful and punky. […] A blink of the eye, a glance, a seemingly fleeting gesture. […] The sounds of Schubert and Schnittke meet those of Placebo, The Swan Song and Song To Say Goodbye. Then there are the rattling pants, its sound interfering with the music. The dancers they move limitless, fast, virtuoso, gesticulate in peculiar ways, unconscious yet self-assured, and - whether solo, in a pas de deux or larger group - they communicate in Goecke's language, as if they had never learned another. Darkness Spoken, without words.”

mutual comfort - Edward Clug
mutual comfort (2015) marked Edward Clug’s debut with NDT. The short choreography proved exemplary for Clug’s detailed and sharply defined choreographic style. Often, its most distinguishing feature tends to be twitchiness where the bodies flick and jerk so extremely and frequently that it can be interpreted as punctuation; a certain acknowledgment of the beat. As a choreographer, Clug is interested in highlighting the dancer’s individual experience by keeping it fresh in its approach. By doing so, his work leans towards emphasizing a personal experience that arises from the process of creation that is led by illuminating human contradictions, imparting surprising moments of beauty and spontaneous irony.

Sad Case - Sol León & Paul Lightfoot
Sad Case was created in 1998 when Sol León was seven months pregnant with their daughter. The piece acts as one of the main pillars of León & Lightfoot’s oeuvre. Surprising and earthly movements on Mexican mambo music show a continual search for the tension between satirical and classic moments.