Amos Ben-Tal

Amos Ben-Tal established OFFprojects in 2012. This collective, consisting of former dancers of Nederlands Dans Theater, presents live events compelling to the audience. Might is not just an ordinary performance. At the 2013 Museumnacht a part was performed in the cellars of the former The Hague City Hall and now it premieres as a full-length theatre performance. The audience moves around on stage amidst a labyrinth of walls and screens. The space changes and reveals and conceals the phenomenal performers. Each spectator experiences his or her own performance with personal encounters. A dazzling and sensual trip, where we can refresh ourselves with a soft intimacy.

Korzo & NDT
Korzo and Nederlands Dans Theater join forces to support up-and-coming choreographers, and offer them a suitable platform to create a new performance and bring it on tour. Amos Ben-Tal has been selected for the 2014-2015 season with his collective OFFproject. Might will tour in the Fall of 2015.
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