Including NDT in your will
Including NDT in your will is one of the many ways to support the existence of our institute. It helps us to keep on dancing, now and in the future. In case that you decide to leave your inheritance to NDT you are given the opportunity to decide which specific goal you want to support.

Some of our projects that are in need of your support are:

  • NDT 2 - supporting the development of young dancers and giving them the chance to start a career at NDT 1
  • Education: giving children the opportunity to get acquainted with the language of dance and NDT
  • The creation of exquisite and special choreographies and dance performances
  • To safeguard the existence of our institute

Do you have any questions on this subject? Please contact Barbara de Heer, Head of Development: barbara.de heer (at) ndt.nl or (06) 158 639 50.