Frequently Asked Questions

We are pleased to answer any questions you might have about being a Friend of NDT. A list of the most frequently asked questions is provided below. Is your question not included on the list? Please contact us by email at vrienden(at) or by telephone on 070 88 00 150.

How can I become a Friend of NDT?
Becoming a Friend is very easy. Simply complete and submit this registration form. We will process it as soon as possible and send you confirmation that you have become a Friend.

I would like to attend the dress rehearsal, but I’m not registered as a Friend in the box office’s system. What should I do?
If you’ve registered as a Friend shortly before the dress rehearsal, the box office may not yet be aware of this. If this is the case, please give us a call on 070 88 00 150 or send us an email and we’ll make sure the box office is informed of your registration.

Where can I find information about upcoming activities for Friends?
You will be sent emailings on the activities for Friends and full information will be available on this website.

May I bring one or more guests to an activity for Friends?
A duo Friend membership entitles you to invite one guest to join you at an activity for Friends.

How do I know whether I have been successfully registered for an activity for Friends?
We will always respond to your registration. When allocating places for the Saturday morning classes, we give priority to Friends who will be attending a class for the first time or have not attended a class for a long time.

Is my donation as a Friend tax-deductible in the Netherlands?
Yes, the Dutch Tax and Customs Authority considers your contribution as a Friend to be a donation. When you donate to a cultural institution, you also enjoy an added tax benefit within the framework of the Dutch Charitable Donations Act (Geefwet) because it entitles you to increase the amount you donate annually by 25%. So you can give more, while actually paying less.
In the Netherlands, non-recurring donations are tax-deductible if they add up to a combined amount equal to more than 1% of your combined income with a minimum of €60. There is also a maximum: the total amount of your donations must not amount to more than 10% of your total income.

In order to donate with maximum tax benefits, we recommend that you enter into a periodic donation agreement. There is no threshold or ceiling for a periodic donation. The only condition is that you give the same amount at least five consecutive years and that you have established your donation in a periodic donation agreement. It has been possible to do this in the Netherlands since 2014 without the services of a civil-law notary.

Would you prefer to have a notarial deed? Download the authorisation here. NDT pays the notary fees for donations of €250 or more.


  • For example, you give us a €500 donation
  • NDT receives €500
  • Additional tax deduction of €125 within the framework of the Dutch Charitable Donations Act
  • The total tax-deductible amount is consequently €625
  • Tax refund for those in the 52% Dutch income tax bracket consequently equals €325
  • So you actually pay only €175

More information is available on the website of the Dutch Tax and Customs Authority:

I would like to go beyond being only a Friend by supporting Nederlands Dans Theater with a larger amount. How can I do that?
You are naturally always welcome to donate a larger amount: simply fill in the registration form. If you wish to support us with an amount of €1,000 or more, please refer to the opportunities provided by the Fonds Nederlands Dans Theater.

When will my Friend membership go into effect?
Your Friend membership will be valid for 12 months from the date of registration. Your Friend membership will be automatically renewed each year for a period of 12 months.

How can I cancel my Friend membership?
If you wish to cancel your Friend membership, please notify us by letter or email. You will receive confirmation of your cancellation. Your Friend membership will then be discontinued as of the next expiration date (this depends on the date on which you became a Friend). NDT requires a notice period of one month. It is not possible to provide full or partial refund of a paid Friend membership.

How can I notify you of any changes to my contact details, etc.?
Please inform the Friends Coordinator of any changes by emailing vrienden(at) or telephoning 070 88 00 150.