Activities for secondary schools

We offer a combination of activities for secondary school pupils (HAVO and VWO in the Dutch educational system, or your country’s equivalent) focussing on modern dance and NDT. All activities are designed to introduce pupils to the art of dance. Our objective is to teach them that dance should be experienced not just by watching it and reflecting on it, but also by moving around and tapping into their own creativity.

Practical information

Check out our programmes for secondary schools and feel free to contact us – we are open to discuss new ideas and suggestions you may have. For further information about our secondary school activities, please phone +31 (0)70 880 01 44 or send us an email at onderwijs(at)

Combined activities

We can assist secondary school teachers in creating a diverse and tailor-made educational programme adapted to the school’s longer-term curriculum. All combinations of activities are developed to suit the level of the participating group and the teacher’s objective. These combined activities are always based on our most recent performances and may include the following activities:

•    A look behind the scenes at NDT
Welcome to our home! What does our living room look like, and is it true our dancers have their own personal swimming pool? Pupils take a tour around our theatre and discover what everyday life is like at Nederlands Dans Theater.

•    Meet one of our employees
Do our dancers ever get stage fright? What’s it like to work in a costume department? How do the dancers get so muscular? And just how big is our stage? During a meeting with a Nederlands Dans Theater employee, pupils are given the opportunity to ask any questions they like about our company.

•    Attend a dance workshop   
Being a dancer takes a lot of hard work and dedication – not to mention discipline, concentration, body awareness, strength, creativity, willpower and passion. You’ll get to experience this firsthand during this workshop, as you’re breaking a sweat in the studio trying to come up with the most spectacular moves. But this is also an opportunity for you to discover just how fun dancing can be!

•    Experience a dance performance          
As you take your seat in the audience, the noise of chattering voices dies down, making way for an expecting silence... Let the dancers on stage inspire you and marvel at their visible strength, concentration and technique. Educational materials used in class prepare the pupils for the performance they will be attending. Please note: pupils can only attend a performance in conjunction with one or more of the activities listed above.