By profession: Dancer

Discover dance as a profession!

During By profession: Dancer, primary school students visit Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) and the Royal Conservatoire Dance Department (RC) to learn more about the profession of "dancer". Students discover which talents you need to make dance your profession. In addition they get introduced to other professions within a dance company, such as theatre technician, costume designer, marketer or pianist.

The project consists of three activities, including a visit to NDT and RC. During the visit to RC, the students are introduced to peers who already started training to be a professional dancer. In the studios of NDT, the students get to work with modern dance themselves during a workshop and they meet different employees of the company.

Practical information

  • By profession: Dancer is a project suitable for primary pupils, years 5-8 in the Dutch education system (or the international equivalent depending on your country).
  • The project consists of three contact moments: a visit to RC, a visit to NDT and an introduction in the classroom.
  • The fee for the project is € 75 per group.
  • By profession: Dancer is available from September to the end of June. The dates scheduled for the project are negotiable.


Please contact our Talent Development and Education department by sending an email to onderwijs(at) or, alternatively, call +31 (0)70 88 00 144.