NDT Danswaaier

Reading, writing, arithmetic and geography – there’s no end to what you can learn at school. Sometimes you even get to take a dance class, which is just as educational in its own way! You’ll learn how to work with others and listen to each other, as well as find out about different languages and cultures. You also get to move around – which is a nice change from sitting at your desk and doing sums!

Using the themes ‘Watch me Dance’ (lower years), ‘Dance Languages’ (intermediate years) and ‘Discovering the World’ (upper years), this curriculum introduces pupils to the following skills/activities: dancing, creating, observing and presenting. The curriculum is adapted to the learning goals at primary schools and to the stages of development of children in the various years/levels.

Practical information

•    ‘Danswaaier’ is a curriculum designed for all primary school pupils (Years 1-8  in the Dutch educational system, or your country’s equivalent) , with separate programmes for the lower years, intermediate years and upper years.
•    The curriculum spans a minimum of three 60-minute classes (with a maximum of five classes) and can be used per level (e.g. lower years or upper years) or per form. The curriculum is concluded with a presentation.
•    The fee for a curriculum is €60 per class (based on the purchase of more than three classes at €55 a class).
•    The curriculum is available from September to the end of June. The dates scheduled for the curriculum are negotiable.
•    The curriculum is offered at schools. Requirements: a spacious and clean room featuring a TV, DVD player and audio facilities.


Please contact our Talent Development and Education department by sending an email to onderwijs(at)ndt.nl or, alternatively, call +31 (0)70 88 00 144.