Parade app for primary education

This educational app, which Nederlands Dans Theater created together with publishing agency Follow a Muse, teaches children about modern dance in a playful way. The app, which was created around the ballet Parade by Canadian-born choreographer Crystal Pite, offers teachers a foundation for a creative classroom dance project spanning three to four weeks.


About the content

The app includes six ready-to-use teaching packs along with clips from Parade, to be used as a tool for classroom discussion. The app also features six ‘energisers’ for pupils to dance to in the classroom. The interactive dance animations allow teachers and pupils to experiment with various types of dance. The app also includes a video compilation from Parade. These educational materials are designed for students aged 6-9 and adapted to SLO TULE – core objective 54 in Art Appreciation (note: this applies to Dutch schools only).

Instructions for use

•    The app is designed to be used on a PC (Windows 7 or higher) and can be run on the digital classroom blackboard.
•    Many of the educational materials and teaching packs are included in the app in PDF format and are printable.

About Parade

Parade was created by Crystal Pite in 2013, exclusively for NDT. The main players in this ballet are clowns and soldiers. Sometimes they challenge each other and face off against one another, while at other times they dance together in harmony. By the end of the performance, it is no longer really clear who the clowns are and who the soldiers. The performance shows that, once you strip away the army uniform or clown suit, you see that behind the toughness or playfulness we’re all just human beings.

Parade - Crystal Pite



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The Parade dance app was made possible by our sponsors: VSB Fonds, Fonds 21 and Fonds 1818

This app is created by Nederlands Dans Theater in cooperation with Follow a Muse publishers.