Dancer in the Classroom

Today is a special and exciting day: a professional dancer will be visiting our class!
We’re all going to sit in a circle, with the dancer moving around in the centre. See how flexible she is and how easily she maintains her balance?

The Dancer in the Classroom project introduces primary school students to the world of NDT using a highly personal approach. One of the dancers in our company will be visiting the school and perform a solo piece. To prepare the students for the visit, they will attend an introductory class offered by NDT’s Talent Development and Education department.

Schools also have the option to conclude the project with an in-depth workshop for students, given at the school. During this workshop, the students will practice the movements taught to them by the dancer, as well as review the features of modern dance.

Dates for ‘Dancer in the Classroom’ – 2018-2019 season

The ‘Dancer in the Classroom’ project will be offered during the following periods in the 2018-2019 season:

•    From 29 October to 9 November 2018
•    From 11 to 22 February 2019

Practical information

  • NDT offers Dancer in the Classroom for children aged roughly 4-9  (Years 1 to 4 in the Dutch primary school system, or the international equivalent depending on your country). The types of activities will, of course, be adapted to the appropriate age group.
  • The participation fee for Dancer in the Classroom is €90 per participating class, subject to a minimum of two classes enrolling.
  • Dancer in the Classroom includes two fixed components: a preparatory class and the actual visit from the dancer. The in-depth dance workshop attended by students after the dancer’s visit is optional and complimentary.
  • When registering through the NDT website, schools can state their preferred date(s). NDT will then contact them to inform them when their school can be accommodated.

Schools are scheduled in the order in which they registered.


Scheduling the dancer’s visit and the preparatory class

The dancer’s visit takes 30 minutes and can be scheduled during class hours on one of the dates listed above. When completing the registration form on this website, please state your preferred date for the dancer’s visit.
During the preparatory class, a teacher from NDT will appear in the classroom to tell the students about the dancer’s visit. This preparatory class takes 30 minutes and can be scheduled on the dates listed above, during class hours. It is essential that this class is scheduled prior to the dancer’s visit.

Scheduling the in-depth workshop

The in-depth dance workshop takes 45 minutes for pupils aged 4-5 and 60 minutes for pupils aged 6-9 (Years 1-2 and 3-4 in the Dutch education system, as above, or the equivalent in your country) . The workshop can be scheduled during the same period as the dancer’s visit. When completing the registration form on this website, please state your preferred dates for this activity. The in-depth workshop is an optional component of the Dancer in the Classroom workshop.


Please contact our Talent Development and Education department by sending an email to onderwijs(at) or, alternatively, call +31 (0)70 88 00 144.