NDT Connects

On Sunday 25 March 2018 students of dance schools from all over the Netherlands are welcome during this first edition of NDT Connects, a day filled with workshops especially for amateur dancers.
There are three age groups and a special group for dance teachers and advanced students. Every group has a program between 10.00-15.00h full of inspiring workshops, like a workshop with one of the dancers of NDT. During this day participants get to know the versatile movement languages of our choreographers, by experiencing it themselves in the dance studio’s.

Program for participants age 7-11 (FULL)
Program for participants age 12-16 (FULL)
Program for participants age 17+ (FULL)
Program for dance teachers/advanced dancers (FULL)

How does it work?

  • Everyone who takes classes at an amateur dance school can participate in NDT Connects.
  • Teachers and dance school owners can register a group with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 students, in one of the age groups mentioned above. Dance teachers can register themselves (alone or with a group) for their own day program. Students can also take the initiative themselves to register, however this needs to be with a group of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 students.
  • You can register with the registration form on this page. After your registration we check if there are still places available in the requested group(s). If this is the case you receive a confirmation email. Please be aware that your registration is not final until you receive a confirmation from us!

Sunday 25 March 2018
Day program 10.00-15.00h - €15 per person