NDT Summer Intensive 2020

NDT Summer Intensive is a unique experience which takes place in the atmosphere and surroundings of our company’s home. In our studios you will take part in an intensive training program comprised of our company repertoire, workshops new composition and classes focused on dance technique. We offer a professional training program aimed at developing yourself as a versatile contemporary dancer, the course will be overseen by our international artistic team of choreographers and teachers.

The two week program is specially created for (pre)professional dancers aged 14 - 30 years old. There is a limited amount of 60 places available for the Summer Intensive. NDT’s artistic staff selects the participants based on technical development and creativity.

To our great regret and disappointment, we are forced to cancel the NDT Summer Intensive, which would take place from August 3 to August 15 2020, as a result of the international crisis surrounding the corona virus. Although NDT Summer Intensive 2020 isn’t until August, NDT is already opting not to continue this year’s edition as a result of the current measures taken by the Dutch National Government with regard to limiting the spread of COVID-19. In light of the current events, the risks of bringing together a large group of dance talents from all over the world is too big. By already deciding to cancel now, unnecessary preparations and risks are limited, and nobody has to be disappointed at a later stage.

Questions? Reach us at +31 70 88 00 144 or summerintensive(at)ndt.nl.