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Live stream ‘Dare to Say’ 6 November 2020

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Live stream direction: Ennya Larmit. Soundscape: Niels Duursma.

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Welcome to NDT's digital theater

We welcome you in NDT’s digital theater for the live stream of Dare to Say performed by NDT 2! To start the stream, first click on ‘start stream’ and then on the play button.

The  live broadcast starts here on Friday 6 November at 19.00h, the actual performance starts at  20.00h (CET) en plays for ± 70 minutes, including one interval. Make sure to prepare your viewing session on time to make the most of it.

On this page you will find the program booklet with all the information about tonight’s performance, photos and tonight’s cast list. We hope you enjoy the performance!

Film and share your applause!

Due to the tightened corona measures in The Netherlands, there is no audience allowed in the theater during the live stream. The dancers therefore perform for an empty auditorium. Film your applause after the performance, post it in a story on Instagram and tag @ndtdance to encourage the dancers!


In the program booklet (below) you will find a foreword by the artistic director of NDT 2 Fernando Hernando Magadan, photos, a word of welcome by the artistic director Emily Molnar and all information about the ballets Fusions and some confusions by Dimo Milev and Four Relations by Alexander Ekman.

Start time of the live stream world wide

Cast, dancers and photos

Tonight’s performing casts and the musicians of the Dutch Ballet Orchestra who will accompany the dancers with live music can be found on this information sheet:

Cast information

Meet all NDT 2 dancers 

Watch the photos of Dare to Say 


I don't see anything on the live stream or the live stream seems to have see stopped. What can I do?

In most of the cases, it will help te refresh the webpage in your browser. You can do so by clicking on F5 (Windows) on your keyboard, or  Command ⌘ + R (Mac) . Or use the icon that is visible in the browser (arrow) to refresh. Then click on the 'start stream' button again and the click the 'playbutton'.

If this doesn't work, please check the following steps:

  • Please check if you use the correct link for access to the live stream
  • Check your internet connection (if you can, use a wired internet connection)
  • Check if your browser has had  recent update.
  • Check if cookies in your browser are enabled.
  • Check if the batteries of your device are fully loaded.

Can I cast the video to my TV screen?

Yes, that is possible. Check this link (in Dutch) for an instruction.

Please note: it is not possible to cast from your iPhone or iPad to a Google Chromecast.  Instead, use your laptop or PC, open the Google Chrome browser and the live stream page / link. Then cast your browser tab to your Chromecast by clicking on the menu in the browser (3 dots) and click on 'cast'. Read more instructions here (english)

Can I chat with the help desk or otherwise ask for help if something goes wrong?

During a livestream, our online help desk is available to you via the chat in Digital Theater. Open the chat via the icon at the bottom right. It is also possible to receive help directly via an email to

Can the livestream still be watched back?

No, immediately after the live stream, the performance cannot be watched back.

Extra: DJ session with NDT 2 dancer Jesse Callaert

After the stream, NDT 2 dancer Jesse Callaert will present a festive closing of the premiere of Dare to Say with a DJ session of approximately 30 minutes. You can watch and listen to it live on NDT’s Instagram account and you are welcome to celebrate the premiere with us!

The DJ session is accompanied with visuals by NDT 1 dancer Boston Gallacher. On this video, you can see other dancers performing.

Go to NDT’s Instagram

Foto: Mikaela Kelly

About the programme

Dare to Say presents two works by distinctive makers. Alexander Ekman and Dimo Milev challenge the dancers of the second company in their new creations with different approaches to movement and choreography adapted to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19. The evening will be accompanied live by musicians of the Dutch Ballet Orchestra.

Fusions and come confusions – Dimo Milev

After a full and rich career with several companies including Compañía Nacional de Danza and working with choreographers by the likes of William Forsythe, Ohad Naharin and Hans van Manen, choreographer Dimo Milev (Bulgaria, 1976) has developed a very distinctive movement quality that flows organically and is often rooted in close intimacy. He previously worked with NDT 2 for Up & Coming Choreographers in 2019. For his piece for Dare to Say Milev will be collaborating with composer Miguelangel Clerc Parada. Fusions and some confusions marks his first creation for NDT’s regular programming.

Please be aware: this programme contains nudity.

Four Relations – Alexander Ekman

After his own dance career, former NDT 2 dancer Alexander Ekman (Sweden, 1984) decided to focus exclusively on choreography in which he portrays a clever and percussive approach to movement and a special gift for staging. Ekman often composes the music and develops the stage designs for his choreographies. For Dare to Say, Ekman created a remake of his ballet Maybe Two which he made for the dancers of NDT in 2013.

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