NDT Friends Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to become a Friend of Nederlands Dans Theater or are you already a Friend and do you have a question? We like to help you. Here you will find an overview of the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Please contact us at vrienden(at)ndt.nl or 070 88 00 150.


How can I become a Friend of Nederlands Dans Theater?

Becoming a friend is very easy. Please use this form to apply. Once we have received your application, we will promptly send you a confirmation.

When will my Friendship start?

Your Friendship will start on the date of your application and is valid for 12 months. Your Friendship will be renewed automatically, each time for a duration of 12 months.

How can I cancel my Friendship?

Cancellation is possible by letter or e-mail. We will send you a confirmation of your cancellation. Your Friendship will finish on the next upcoming end date (which will depend on the date that you became a friend). NDT requires cancelation to be made one month in advance. Full or partial refunds of Friend contributions that have already been paid cannot be made.

How can I notify you of changes?

Please let the Friend coordinator know of any changes: E vrienden(at)ndt.nl or T 070 88 00 150.

Will I receive a pass of any other proof of my Friendship?

We do not use passes of any other proofs of Friendship. Your registration as a Friend will suffice.

Can I change my Friendship level?

You may change your Friendship level at any time, for instance, by changing from solo to duo, Friend extra o Friend extra+ (or the other way round). Please send us any requests for changes by e-mail or by letter.

I do not have a partner, but I would like to be able to take someone with me. Can I become a Duo Friend?

Yes, this is possible. When you are a Duo Friend, you are always allowed to take someone with you. The Friendship, however, is in your name and (e-mail) address.

Is it possible to become a Duo Friend together with someone who has a different residential address than mine?

This is possible, but a Duo Friendship can only be registered at one mailing address. This is the address of the person paying the Friend contribution. Postage will be sent to that address only.
The benefits of a Duo Friendship are only applicable to you and your partner.

Can I support NDT in any other way?

If you would like to support NDT with a higher contribution, you can become a member of Fonds Nederlands Dans Theater. Please click here for more information.

Another option is to include NDT in your will. You can find more information about legacy donations to NDT on this page.

You can also support us with your organization. You can find more information about that here.

Friend contribution

What do you do with my Friend contribution?

We will use your contribution to pay for, among others, talent development and art education. To thank Friends for supporting our company, we use a small amount of your contribution for organizing Friend activities.

When is my Friend contribution taken from my account?

Your contribution is taken from your account around the third week of the month in which you became a Friend.

My contribution is taken from my account each year. Can I also pay my contribution in installments?

It is also possible to pay your contribution each month, every quarter, or twice a year. Please inform us by e-mail should you wish to change the frequency of your contribution.

Is it possible to transfer my Friend contribution myself?

To save on costs, we exclusively use direct debit automatic collection. If cancelation is made timely, we will automatically shop making direct debits. Should you disagree with the transfer, you can ask your bank to make a refund. Please notify us should you request a refund to cancel your Friendship.

Is it safe to let you know my IBAN and other information through your website?

Our website is protected. This is shown with the ‘https’ and the ‘lock’ in your browser’s address bar. We only use your information to inform you about your Friendship and Friend activities. NDT will carefully manage your personal information in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

Is my Friend contribution tax-deductible?

Yes, the tax authorities consider your Friend contribution to be a gift. Furthermore, due to the Giving Act, you are also eligible for extra tax benefits by making donations to cultural institutions. Single donations are tax-deductible if the sum of them each year is higher than 1% of your aggregate income with a minimum of 60 euros. There is also a maximum amount; the total amounts of your gifts may not exceed 10% of your aggregate income.

If you wish to reap the maximum benefit of the fiscal advantages, then we suggest that you register your gift as a periodic donation. Periodic donations do not have a fixed minimum or maximum amount. However, there is a condition that states that you must donate the same amount each consecutive year for a period of at least 5 years, and you must register your gift in a donation agreement. Since 2014, it is possible to do so without a notary. The agreement is available for download here. Do you prefer a notarial deed? The mandate is available here. NDT will reimburse you for notarial fees for donations higher than 250 euros.

You can calculate your tax advantage yourself here. You can find more information at www.belastingdienst.nl

In my tax declaration, I need to enter the transaction number of my donation and NDT’s RSIN. Where can I find this information?

For private donation agreements, this information can be found on the first page of your agreement.

Notarial deeds do not include a transaction number or RSIN number. However, the tax authorities do not take this into account when declaring tax. The declaration program requires that a transaction number is entered. When filing taxes, you are asked to enter the transaction number of your periodical donation, you may enter a 0 (zero) here. The tax agency has confirmed that a zero may be entered if you do not have a transaction number. NDT’s RSIN number is 002874416.

Friend activities and messages for Friends

Where can I find information about upcoming Friend activities?

Friends will receive invitations to Friend activities by e-mail. Friend activities will also be announced on this website, as well as in the Friend newsletter.

How can I participate in a Friend activity?

You will receive invitations to all Friend activities by e-mail. You can read in each invitation how you can sign up for an activity.

May I take a guest along with me to a Friend activity?

If you have a Duo Friendship, you are allowed to take a guest with you. If you are a Friend extra of a Friend extra+, then you are allowed to take a maximum of three guests with you.

Can I take my child with me to a Friend activity?

The same rules as taking a guest with you apply to taking a child with you, no matter what age they are.

I signed up for a Friend activity but unfortunately will not be able to make it. Would it be possible to have someone else who isn’t a Friend go instead of me?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Friend activities are exclusively organized for Friends to thank them for supporting our company. For some activities, such as the Saturday morning classes, the number of places is limited and there is a waiting list. If you are not able to come, you may have someone on the waiting list take your place. If you have tickets for a general rehearsal, then please contact the ticket booth of the Zuiderstrandtheater T 070 88 00 333 or E kassa@zuiderstrandtheater.

I did not receive the seasonal calendar. What happened?

We send the calendar to the address that you gave us when you signed up as a Friend. If you have moved since you signed up, we may have sent it to your old address. Please let us know your new address, and we’ll send you the calendar once more. Please let us know if you haven’t changed your address.

I can’t receive NDT’s e-mails anymore. Why is this happening?

There may be several reasons why you are no longer receiving our e-mails:

  • You changed your e-mail address, but you did not notify us of the change. Please let us know your new e-mail and we will send our e-mail to you there.
  • You accidentally unsubscribed from receiving NDT’s message. Please send us a message and we will add you once again to our mailing list.
  • Sometimes, our e-mail ends up in your spam box (unsolicited e-mail). Please check your spam box and move our e-mail back into your inbox.
  • Your mailbox is full. Usually, this is because of the settings in your e-mail program. Please check your e-mail program.

Please contact us if none of this works.