Today, the Association of Theater and Concert Hall Directors (VSCD) and the Dutch Dance Days (NDD) have announced the nominees for the VSCD Dance Awards, the Swans. NDT is proud to announce that Franck Chartier's The hidden floor has been nominated for the 'most impressive dance production' and that NDT 2 dancer Guido Dutilh has a chance to win a Swan for the 'most impressive dance performance' for his role in Wir sagen uns Dunkles by Marco Goecke. The winners will be announced on 12 October at the Gala of the Dutch Dance Festival in Maastricht.

On the NDT 1 piece The hidden floor by Franck Chartier the jury report states: 'The hidden floor is not a conventional dance performance, but an overwhelming feast for the senses. Bombastic, oppressive and a bizarre power tour that keeps the spectator in his grip from start to finish, with the special attraction of the running water that acts as the opponent of the dancers. The hidden floor by choreographer Chartier is imaginative and hyperreal at the same time; a spectacle that leaves you astonished.’ In addition to The hidden floor, Rule of Three by GRIP, and We Are Nowhere Else But Here by Korzo productions have also been nominated.

The jury report on Guido Dutilh in Marco Goecke’s Wir sagen uns Dunkles says: 'Guido Dutilh,  emerging from the darkness of the stage, immediately attracts the attention of the viewer and, with his flawless precision and passionate interpretations, creates an atmosphere of mystery. In this choreography by Goecke, Dutilh gets and takes all the space to re-evaluate the concept of virtuosity with its technical excellence and compelling empathy. His solo in this production is a gem.’ Besides Dutilh, Gil Gomes Leal for his role in Aghori of ISH and the entire dancer's tableau of Thron of Krisztina de Châtel have also been nominated for the 'most impressive dance performance'.

The jury
The VSCD dance jury 2018 consists of jury chairman Rob van Steen (director Theaters Tilburg), Judith Blankenberg (programmer Grand Theater Groningen), Iselle Claassens (programmer, Parktheater Eindhoven), Brigitte De Goeij (De Goeij Culture and Affairs), Swantje Schäuble (dancer), Leo Spreksel (artistic director), Violien Vocks (programmer, Parkstad Limburg Theaters), Jasper Weck (programmer Theater de Veste) and Liesbeth Wildschut (lecturer Utrecht University).

The Swans
The VSCD Dance Prizes have been awarded since 1983 and have been called the 'Oscars' of Dutch dance. Their aim is to honor the performances of dancers and companies by bringing them to the attention of a large audience. The annually awarded prize is a beautiful bronze statue made by choreographer and visual artist Toer van Schayk.

Wir sagen uns Dunkles - Marco Goecke

The hidden floor - Franck Chartier