NDT archives on Google Arts & Culture


In honour of the anniversary season 2019-2020, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) has dived into its rich archive that has been built up within sixty years. The company proudly presents a digital collection of photos, videos, posters and evening programmes of more than six hundred ballets that NDT has presented over the last sixty years. This collection can be found on the digital platform Google Arts & Culture.

Watch many photos and video fragments (for free!) and learn more about the history of the company on Google Arts & Culture.


What is there to see?

NDT has a large archive that has been conserved and managed with great care over the past sixty years. Video registrations of the ballets have been made since the 1970s. Additionally, ballets are documented in the form of evening programmes, posters and photography. In recent years, a great amount of those materials have been digitized and brief descriptions of all ballets have been made. This resulted in a digital archive, with more than 650 ballets to be found, documented through more than 3.000 digital archival items.

The archive will be digitally accessible for free on Google Arts & Culture from September 2, 2019. From that moment on, the archive will be continuously updated.
Besides all the photos and video fragments of more than six hundred ballets, you will also find six digital exhibits, each highlighting a particular decade of sixty years NDT:

You will learn everything about the history of the company in these online exhibits. Will you read along?

Founders NDT around 1960: Aart Verstegen, Carel Birnie and Benjamin Harkarvy.

What is Google Arts & Culture?

Google Arts & Culture
is a digital platform for cultural institutions that is constantly growing. The platform enables institutions to make connections between different collections and aft forms in the form of a huge database. On Google Arts & Culture, you will find online ‘exhibitions’, where mainly museums from around the world display their artworks as images. Participating museums include the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the National Gallery in London and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

NDT is the first dance company to open its archive in the form of online exhibitions to the public. In this way, NDT strives to be an example for dance and performing arts in general with its digital collection, because they are not yet sufficiently digitally represented.

Thanks to:

NDT would like to express their thanks to Stichting Dioraphte and VandenEnde Foundation for making the archive accessible on Google Arts & Culture.

Garbo Laughs: © Rahi Rezvani
Squares: © Tony van Muyden
Sinfonietta: © Sven Ulsa
Synaphai: © Sven Ulsa
SH-BOOM!: © Dirk Buwalda
Sehnsucht: © Rahi Rezvani
Midnight Raga: © Rahi Rezvani