In 1978, NDT founded a second division to feed the main company with young talent. In the time span of three years, NDT 2 prepares sixteen classically trained dancers (varying in age between 24 and 38 years) from around the world for NDT 1. Whereas the first company offer a chance for the dancers to further develop their artistic personality, the second company, NDT 2 offers a varied repertoire consisting of works by established choreographers as well as upcoming stars, such as Jiří Pokorný, Edward Clug, Imre van Opstal and Marne van Opstal.

One of the objectives of NDT 2, is to acquaint the dancers with a lexicon of dance languages. Working together with upcoming choreographers, provides the dancers with the opportunity to learn to react quickly to different dance languages, techniques and working methods.

Fay van Baar
Katrien de Bakker
Kyle Clarke
Thalia Crymble
Ève-Marie Dalcourt
Miguel Duarte
Guido Dutilh
Donnie Duncan
Surimu Fukushi
Boston Gallacher
Nicole Ishimaru
Toon Lobach
Rachel McNamee
Aya Misaki
Amanda Mortimore
Adam Russel-Jones
David van der Veen

International press:

NDT 2 is a distinct phenomenon, and phenomenal.” THE INDEPENDENT

"The dancers of NDT 2 in Friday night’s performance at the Joyce look absolutely primed for main-company action. They are pliant, exquisite technicians with superb musicality and sense of dynamics." THE NEW YORK TIMES

A night of superlatives: the youth arm of the famed NDT makes a stunning debut (…) it’s ranks are filled with prodigiously talented dancers” THE STRAITS TIMES

 “The dancers are beautifully articulated, knife-edge virtuosi, with an assurance that belies their youth.” DANCING TIMES

The juniors already have their own, significant style, full of vigor, extraordinary flexibility and exceptional passion. The group impresses by strength, cogency and talent.” LE QUOTIDIEN

Every time NDT 2 hits our stages, the usual superlatives fall flat in speechless admiration at 16 dancers, who can handle anything the top-ranking choreographers care to task them with.