(Intellectual) property and use of photos, images and video materials

All  rights  of  (intellectual)  property  regarding  photos,  images  and  video  materials  or  other  work within the meaning of the Copyright Act, and of which the exclusive right of use has been granted to Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) ("Visual Material"), will remain with the creator of the Visual Material  at  all  times.  NDT  has  the  exclusive  right  to  use  the  Visual  Material  and  to  grant (sub)licences to selected third parties ("Users").

The use of Visual Material by Users is not permitted without an explicit written agreement between
User and NDT.  Visual Material may exclusively be utilized for promotional purposes for the NDT  performance or the company in general.
The creator and/or NDT can set limitations on the use of the Visual Material.

Users  are  not  permitted  to  change,  manipulate, or otherwise adjust the Visual Material, unless
agreed with NDT in writing or, after receiving the approval of NDT, directly agreed otherwise with
the creator.

Unless the User and NDT explicitly agree otherwise in writing, the User is only allowed to publish
the  Visual  Material  once, in an unaltered form and only according to the criteria of publication
agreed with NDT, including but not limited to the purpose, method, medium, number of copies and

If the User, based on the agreements reached explicitly and in writing between User and NDT, is
permitted to use the Visual Material on the Internet, the User shall ensure that the size of any image
it uses on the Internet does not exceed 800 by 600 pixels/72 dpi. The User shall not make any copies
of the Visual Material - digitally or otherwise - other than those which are strictly required for the
agreed usage on the Internet, and the User shall ensure that the relevant Visual Material cannot be
revealed and/or copied by third parties.

If the Visual Material is used in any way which has not been explicitly agreed with NDT, this shall
be considered an infringement of the (intellectual property) rights of NDT and/or the creators of the
Visual Material in question.

Users are not entitled to save any Visual Material in their own digital files, databases or archives
or to use any other possible forms of digital storage, without the explicit written consent of NDT.
The  User  shall  ensure  that  when  publicising  and  reproducing  Visual  Material,  or  ordering  the
publication  and  reproduction  thereof,  in  whatever  form,  the  name  of  the  creator  or  source  of  the work is  clearly  visible  at  all  times,  either  underneath  or  in  the  Visual  Material  itself,  using  the following  statement:  "©  [name  of  photographer  or  creator],  Nederlands  Dans  Theater,
[choreographer], [ballet title], [name of dancer (s)]"

NDT reserves the right to check any publications containing NDT Visual Material, for correct use.
If  necessary,  the  User  will  cooperate  with  these  checks  by  NDT  insofar  as  this  cooperation  is

Users  must  immediately  and  at  their  own  expense  provide  NDT  at  least  one (voucher) copy (in
digital form or otherwise), containing the publication of the NDT Visual Material, if they publicise
Visual Material in any form whatsoever.

Any User which publicises and/or reproduces any Visual Material, or orders the publication and/or
reproduction thereof, of which the exclusive right of use does not lie with Nederlands Dans Theater
(NDT), is fully responsible for obtaining the consent of the subject(s) portrayed, the creator and/or
(other) rightholder(s). In that case, the User indemnifies  NDT and/or the creator(s)  of the Visual
Material and any other relevant rightholder(s) of any claims in this matter.

To  request  Visual  Material  for  commercial  use,  please  contact  NDT's  marketing  department  via