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Alexander Ekman

Associate choreographer Nederlands Dans Theater 2

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Nationality: Swedish

Former NDT 2 dancer Alexander Ekman (Sweden, 1984) is associate choreographer at NDT since 2011-2012. After a dance career with Royal Swedish Ballet, Cullberg Ballet and NDT 2, Ekman decided to solely focus on choreography. During the NDT workshop Switch he was noticed for his talent and individual and original style. This season he will create new work for NDT I in Programme II (premiere December 5).

For NDT 2 Ekman created Flockwork (2006), the international hit Cacti (2010, nominated for the VSCD Zwaan Award 2010), Left Right Left Right (2012) and Maybe Two (2013). In 2010 he created La La Land with NDT 1 dancer Medhi Walerski for Göteborg Ballet. Ekman often composes music and develops decor for his own pieces.

By now Alexander Ekman is a popular choreographer internationally, working with Cullberg Ballet, Compañia Nacional de Danza Goteborg Ballet, Iceland Dance Company, Bern Ballet, Cedar Lake Contemporary Dance, Ballet de l’Opéra du Rhin, Royal Swedish Ballet and the Norwegian National Ballet. He also created for festivals as the French Europa Danse and the Athens International Dance Festival.

In the International Choreography Competition of Hannover 2005, Ekman was awarded the first prize by the critics and won the second prize with Swingle Sisters (one of the ballets from his Sisters trilogy). In 2010 Ekman created his first full evening for the Cullberg Ballet, Ekmans Triptych – A study of Entertainment which received great response and is still touring the world. During 2011 Ekman also worked as a teacher / choreographer at the prestigious Juilliard School in New York City.

His 2010 NDT 2 work Cacti was an instant hit and has been performed by NDT 2 in the Netherlands and on tour world-wide to great acclaim since. Cacti was also nominated for the Dutch dance prize Zwaan 2010 and for the National Dance Award (UK) 2012. Last spring Cacti premiered in Australia and Germany. Sydney Dance Company, Dresdenb Ballet and Dortmund Ballet added the success piece to their repertoire.

In his years as a choreographer, Ekman proved to be an artistic multitalent. He often makes film productions. Though usually integrated in his choreographies, these productions also create more and more interest on their own. In 2009 Ekman created the dance film 40 Meters Under for and with Cullberg Ballet, which was broadcasted on National Swedish television. That autumn he collaborated with the Swedish renowned choreographer Mats Ek on video projections for Ek’s play Håll Plats. Ekman also created an installation for the Modern Museum in Stockholm with dancers of Cullberg Ballet.
In 2012 he collaborated with Alicia Keys and incorporated her into his work Tuplet

Future commissions include Royal Swedish Ballet, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Norwegian National Ballet, Boston Ballet and Dresden Ballet.

“How wonderful with a magician like Alexander Ekman, the choreographer who ever more clearly is a rising star in the Swedish dance scene.”
Göteborgsposten about La la land

“In Cacti the young Swedish choreographer Alexander Ekman, who used to dance in NDT 2 for three years, presents his former employer with hilarious comment on the intellectual calibre of dance as High Art. He does this in a subtle manner, with a sense of humour and a feel for pace, music, energy and total picture.”  DE VOLKSKRANT 

“Fully focused on a precisely metered form of everyday locomotion 17 young dancers gave an impressive synchronous performance on a ditto number of treadmills”
DE VOLKSKRANT about Left right left right

“Half an hour of hilarious love troubles” DE TELEGRAAF***** about Maybe Two

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Svenska Dagbladet
Over Alexander Ekman
September 25, 2008

“Modernist Alexander Ekman gets the dance audience to laugh and think. The 24 year old choreographer has become in short time a hot name in Europe”

Bregtje Schudel in het Parool
Over Alexander Ekman (2)
April 14, 2012

'Alexander Ekman is nog geen dertig, maar om zijn talent kun je moeilijk heen. Zijn choreografiën zijn origineel, energiek, maar vooral ook heel grappig.'