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Paul Lightfoot

House Choreographer

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Birthplace: Kingsley
Nationality: British




Paul Lightfoot (1966, Kingsley, Cheshire England) is Artistic Director of Nederlands Dans Theater since September 2011. Lightfoot has been with the company since 1985; first as a dancer, then as a choreographer together with Sol León.

From 1989 Sol León and Paul Lightfoot have worked together producing choreographies for Nederlands Dans Theater. They became renowned choreographers and were appointed as house choreographers of Nederlands Dans Theater in 2002. To date, León and Lightfoot have created over 40 choreographies for the company, for which they received many dance awards and are performed  around the world.

León and Lightfoot Repertoire
The Bard of Avon (NDT2, 1989)
Spilt Milk (NDT Workshop, 1990)
Step Lightly (NDT2, 1991)
Satchinananda (NDT Workshop, 1992)
Seconds (NDT1, 1992)
Sigue (NDT Workshop, 1993)
Solitaire (NDT2, 1994)
Susto (NDT3, 1994)
SH-Boom (NDT Workshop, 1994)
So Sorry (NDT3, 1994)
Softly, as I Leave You (NDT1, 1994)
Syllabus (NDT Workshop, 1995)
Skew-whiff (NDT2, 1996)
Start to Finish (NDT1, 1996)
Shangri-La (NDT1, 1997)
Stilleven (NDT1, 1997)
Sad Case (NDT2, 1998)
Singing Apes (NDT1, 1998)
Small Moves (NDT3, 1999)
Speak For Yourself (NDT1, 1999)
Squeaky Wheel (NDT3, 2000)
Said and Done (NDT2, 2001)
Safe as Houses (NDT1, 2001)
Subject to Change (NDT2, 2003)
Shutters Shut (NDT2, 2003)
Signing Off (NDT1, 2003)
Source of Inspiration (NDT1, 2004)
drawn onward (NDT1, 2004)
SH-Boom (adapted version, NDT1, 2004)
Postscript (NDT2, 2005)
Silent Screen (NDT1, 2005)
Shoot the Moon (NDT1, 2006)
Sleight of Hand (NDT2, 2007)
Sooner or Later (NDT1, 2007)
Same Difference (NDT1, 2007)
Passe-Partout (NDT2, 2009)
Sehnsucht (NDT1, 2009)
Limbo (NDT1, 2009)
Studio 2 (NDT2, 2009)
Swan Song (NDT1, 2010)
Schmetterling (NDT1, 2010)
Skipping over damaged area (NDT1, 2011)
Short time together (Nationaal Ballet, on the occasion of the Jubilee, 2012)
Shine a Light (NDT 2, 2012)
School of Thought (NDT 1, 2013)
Stop-Motion (NDT 1, 2014)
Spiritwalking (NDT 1, 2014)

Awards and honours
Incentive Prize for Choreography of the Amsterdan Art Prize for Seconds
Nomination Laurence Olivier Award for Best Dance Production of the Year for SH-Boom (1994)
Lucas Hoving Prize 1994 (for Paul Lightfoot)
Incentive Prize Choreography 1997 of Stichting Dansersfonds ’79  (for Paul Lightfoot)
VSCD Golden Theatre Dance Prize 2002 (for Paul Lightfoot)
Merit Award 2003 of Stichting Dansersfonds’79 (for Sol León)
VSCD Dance Award ‘Zwaan’ for best dance production 2003-2004 for Shutters Shut and Subject to Change
Benois de la Danse 2005 for Signing Off
Herald Archangel, Edinburgh International Festival 2006
VSCD Dance Award ‘Zwaan’ for best dance production 2005-2006 for Shoot the Moon