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Nederlands Dans Theater 1 opens season with Lightfoot and León’s latest ballet

23 Sep 2011

Nederlands Dans Theater 1 opens season with Lightfoot and León’s latest ballet
‘Signature’ programme featuring Kylián, Van Manen, Lightfoot and León
Nederlands Dans Theater will be opening the season with ballet productions by its four biggest names: Jiří Kylián, Hans van Manen, Paul Lightfoot and Sol León. Jiří Kylián’s Tiger Lily will be performed for the first time since its premiere in 1994, accompanied live by a string quartet of The Hague Philharmonic Orchestra. House choreographers Paul Lightfoot (recently named the company’s Artistic Director) and Sol León will be presenting the world premiere of Skipping over damaged area. Van Manen’s production, Fantasía (1993), will be staged exclusively in The Hague and Amsterdam, having its premiere at the Lucent Danstheater in The Hague on 29 September.

Paul Lightfoot and Sol León’s Skipping over damaged area
Lightfoot and León’s latest ballet was inspired by an 80-year-old man’s reminiscences of his life and by the workings of human memory, which cause some life experiences to fade into oblivion and others to be remembered. In their production, Lightfoot and León use music from the album Harmonielehre by the composer John Adams, known for his minimalist compositions.
Using Lightfoot and León’s source of inspiration as a premise, Douwe Draaisma, affiliate professor in the History of Psychology at Groningen University, will be giving an introduction to his book Het Vergeetboek, which explores the phenomenon of forgetting, prior to the performance in The Hague on 1 October.

Jiří Kylián’s Tiger Lily (1994)
Tiger Lily was created in 1994 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Piet Mondrian’s death. Kylián studied Mondrian’s work, the straight lines and the human physique, resulting in a ballet which he describes as follows: ‘…a very emotionally charged choreography with chaotic scenes, irrational behaviour, outbursts of uncontrolled emotions, but also some kind of longing for order and quiet….some sort of desire to belong to some structure we can believe in, to share something with someone, or at least be part of something, that might make our short life more worthwhile and more acceptable ….!’ Tiger Lily features music by John Cage, Kurtág, Webern and Bach and will be performed live by a string quartet of The Hague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Hans van Manen’s Fantasía (1993)
Described at the time of its premiere as ‘one of the best productions created for Nederlands Danstheater’, Fantasía is another quintessential Van Manen ballet, combining great power of expression with structural precision, simplicity and purity. It is a game of seduction between three women and three men. Van Manen set Fantasía to a chorale prelude, prelude and choral arrangement in Busoni’s piano transcription of Bach.

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