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"Deserved return NDT to Holland Festival"

10 Jun 2014

On 7, 8 and 9 June Programme V Spiritwalking (video) was performed exclusively at the Holland Festival. Three sold-out performances in the former market hall in Amsterdam West. The high expectations were more than met, as evidenced by the critical acclaim and cheering posts on social media.

De Volkskrant praises the production and hands out four stars: "A grand collaboration, worthy of the Holland Festival. Brilliant is the location (...) It gives the aesthetics of their superb performance and the volatility of the story an earthy character that would be much more difficulty to conceive in a theater."

Regional newspaper HDC Media wrote: "Deserved return NDT to Holland Festival (…) A sensational composition of dance, music and decor that seems to rise above reality."

"Dance solidly comes to live to the music of Glass (...) Bodies reach out to then flinch. The meetings lead to virtuoso partner work, where women found upon the back or the legs of the man.” THEATERKRANT***

"In solos, duets, trios the bodies of the dancers echo emotions, memories, resonances of the building."

On Saturday, June 7th, NTR broadcasted a feature about Spiritwalking on NL 2. Watch here:

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