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Janine Dijkmeijer new managing director NDT

14 Jan 2014

As of March 2014 Janine Dijkmeijer (1963) will take up the role of managing director of Nederlands Dans Theater. The former business manager of Het Nationale Ballet will be responsible for the daily operations of the company, next to artistic director Paul Lightfoot.

NDT is pleased with Dijkmeijer who, alongside her professional experience with Het Nationale Ballet also has artistic affinity with modern dance as a former professional dancer. Paul Lightfoot is looking forward to working together: “NDT is a creative company which needs people with knowledge, commitment and passion for the art of dance. I believe that Janine has all these qualities and am inspired into sharing our positive energies to guide the company onward in its future.”

In 2003 Dijkmeijer founded the international dance film festival Cindedans, which grew out to the highest rank of international dance film festivals. As a cultural entrepreneur she managed various cultural organizations. In 2009 Dijkmeijer and choreographer Nicole Beutler together founded the modern dance company nbprojects. Additionally, Dijkmeijer fulfilled several advisory roles, such as with Raad van Cultuur and Fonds Podiumkunsten.

As a dancer Dijkmeijer worked with various choreographers such as Krisztina de Châtel, Conny Janssen, Leine and Roebana, Paul Selwyn Norton, Francesca Harper (Ballet Frankfurt), Amanda Miller, Gideon Obarzanek (Chunky Move Australië) and Gary Stewart (Australian Dance Theatre). In 1999 she received the Golden Theatre Dance Prize (Golden Swan) and the Prize of Merit of the Dansersfonds '79.

Copyright photo: Ellen Mesu

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