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With great pride we introduce you to our new dancers of season 2013-2014!

11 Sep 2013

A warm welcome in NDT 1 to:
Prince Credell (USA), Garen Scribner (USA) and Fernando Hernando Magadan (Spain).
Congratulations to Chloe Albaret, Meng-Ke Wu and Jianhui Wang with your move from NDT 2.
This season NDT 1 has a total of no less than 30 dancers from 15 countries. Check the tableau here.

And a warm welcome to the new faces in our gang of young talents NDT 2:
Luna Mertens (France), Yukino Takaura (Japan), Katarina van den Wouwer (Belgium), Gregory Lau (Hawaii), Luke Cinque White (UK) and Dutch apprentices Daan van der Laar and Violet Broersma.
Congratulations to last season’s apprentices Xanthe van Opstal and Richel Wieles (both Dutch) with your permanent positions! NDT 2 consists of 19 dancers from 8 countries. Check the tableau here.

So, how do you become part of NDT 2? Each year in January NDT organizes an open audition for dancers between 17 and 21 years with classical training. Everyone who registers is allowed to audition. On average, we are seeing a hundred boys and 250 girls. On the day of the audition the registration starts at 09:00. The line runs from the studio around the building outside. Meanwhile, the first ballet classes start with about 30 dancers per class. Based on the performances Paul Lightfoot, Gerald Tibbs and the artistic team decide which dancers go to the second (repertoire) round. The selected dancers are being taught a piece of a NDT 2 ballet. After this class again a selection is made. The lucky ones may then show a contemporary solo up to two minutes. Then, the artistic staff discusses who is invited for a final interview. Some dancers are then offered a contract directly, others are informed a little later slightly later.