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Marco Goecke new associate choreographer at NDT

13 Sep 2012

Nederlands Dans Theater has appointed Marco Goecke as associate choreographer. He will join the company from the season 2013/2014 and stay on for a period of three years, during which period the German choreographer will produce at least one new creation each year. Canadian choreographer Crystal Pite and the Swedish choreographers Johan Inger and Alexander Ekman joined NDT as associate choreographers before.

Goecke has been described as the most original choreographer of the 21st century and one of the greatest dance innovators of our time. The German dance maker is a master of dark atmosphere, suggestion, magic and absurdism and always knows how to surprise his audience with each new ballet.
NDT has previous experience in working with Goecke when he created the ballets Nichts (2008) and Garbo Laughs (2012, nominated by the VSCD Dance Jury for the Swan for the ‘most impressive dance production’, for NDT as a guest choreographer.

Paul Lightfoot, Artistic Director of NDT, describes the cooperation with Goecke as an important contribution to the company's development: "Marco's creativity is expressed in his own dance language, which is unique in the contemporary dance world. His world is in stark contrast to and constitutes an important contribution to the wide range of choreographers that cooperate with NDT. Our relationship with Marco has developed throughout the years and I am proud that he will be a part of the future of NDT as an associate choreographer."

“The mix of classical and modern dance, the clear design, and the excellent interpretation of the dancers together create a beautiful and multi-dimensional work of art.” (The VSCD Dance Jury nominated Garbo Laughs for the Swan for ‘Most Impressive Dance Production of 2012’.)

“You are compelled to watch, intrigued by his wayward and destructive visual language…” (De Telegraaf about Nichts by Marco Goecke).

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