Contact number (including country/area code)
Emergency contact name and phone number
What is your (dance) education or profession
Have you participated in any workshops, classes/worked with teachers of NDT before? (if so, which/with whom?)
I want to make use of the accommodation possibilities that NDT offers during the course (for more specifics and prices check the website)

I want to apply for a scholarship with NDT
I am (also) applying for financial support elsewhere
Within the last year, did you have any medical tests performed? (if so, name the kind of tests)
Do you currently have any medical injuries? (if so, name the kind of injuries)
Do you currently use any kind of medical care or (non)prescription medications? (if so, name the kind of care/medication)
Do you have any allergies or adverse drug reactions? (if so, name the kind of allergies)
I understand that I have to submit a digital video to audition for the NDT Summer Intensive
I take full responsibility to arrange my own insurance that covers any sort of medical assistance during my participation in the NDT Summer Intensive in The Hague, The Netherlands
* Terms and Conditions