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Jan Schouten wins Piket Jury Award!

With the Piket Jury Award, a person from the Haaglanden region is rewarded for his or her cultural activities, particularly if they are aimed towards or benefit young artists. The jury is not obliged to hand out a Jury Prize every year, but only does so when it believes it has found a suitable candidate. This year they awarded NDT pianist Jan Schouten. Congratulations Jan!

“Jan Schouten is a living legend, a very special musician and an institiution, but first and foremost a common hero. He has been working as a pianist for over 40 years and accompanies classes and  rehearsals at Nederlands Dans Theater with his music. He also worked together with eminent choreographers as Jiři Kylian and Hans van Manen. His play is always sparkling, funny and full of emotion.”- according to the jury.

Winner Swan Most Impressive Dance performance 2015

We are very proud of our NDT 1 dancer Jorge Nozal, who has won the 2015 Zwaan (Swan) Most Impressive Dance Performance for his role in Marco Goecke’s Thin SkinLees meer

Thin Skin and dancer Jorge Nozal nominated for Swan

We are very proud to announce that our NDT 1 dancer Jorge Nozal has been nominated for the 2015 Zwaan (Swan) Most Impressive Dance Performance for his role in Marco Goecke’s Thin Skin. In turn, this ballet is nominated for the Zwaan Most Impressive Dance Production 2015!

On Jorge Nozal and Thin Skin the jury respectively concludes: "The ultimate physical consciousness that Thin Skin requires of its dancers, is only given to some. Jorge Nozal rises even further above the rest in a rare color scheme he infuses this ingenious choreography with. It is almost impossible the way Jorge Nozal switches between long lyrical lines and sharp articulate staccato movements."
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 "In Thin Skin a new, deeper shell of softness, purity and elegance unstoppably breaks through the typical nervous, explosive and oppressive area of Marco Goeckes work."

Farewell to Lucent Danstheater - Souvenir

On June 16, 2015, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) organized a special event titled Souvenir in honour of the Lucent Danstheater, home to our dance company for almost 30 years. During the ceremony this video was shown with exclusive images shot during the opening of the building in 1987 of architect Rem Koolhaas, artistic director Jiří Kylián, Managing Director Carel Birnie, and choreographer Hans van Manen.

Afscheid van Lucent Danstheater

Welcome to NDT and its brand new season of dance.

Discover NDT in the new season!

"NDT as a production house aims for excellence in all areas of expertise. It's not just about the development of choreographers, ballet masters, costume designers, technicians, set designers, logistics coordinators, pianists, marketeers, physical therapists, etc. Creative people are often concerned with the now. However in aiming for this high level of quality, the transmission of knowledge is essential in order to generate a development that is focused on the future.

With this future in mind, we are currently working on a temporary new production house for NDT in cooperation with The Hague Philharmonic, the Royal Conservatory, Dans- en Muziekcentrum, and the city of The Hague: a smaller Lucent Danstheater with the majority of our The Hague performances in the Zuiderstrandtheater in Scheveningen. Letting go, as we are learning, creates space for new and exciting things. I look forward to welcoming you there.

Janine Dijkmeijer
Managing director Nederlands Dans Theater

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