Terms and Conditions

General conditions

When you register for an activity organized by NDT, you receive a confirmation e-mail. When your participation is confirmed, we expect you to take part in and pay for the chosen activity. In case you are unable to participate, you are required to cancell your participation at NDT by telephone: 070 8800 144 or e-mail: movein@ndt.nl. When NDT does not receive your cancellation, we will charge your the costs of participation in the activity.

The participant is aware of the fact that participating in a class, audition or other activity organised by NDT involves risks. NDT does not accept any liability for loss or damage (including personal injury, property damage and consequential loss or damage) arising from any cause whatsoever.  By signing these conditions the participant (or the legal representative if the participant is under 18) declares that healthcare insurance has been taken out for the participant.

All participants and audience are aware that the activities organized by NDT can be captured on photo or film for publicity purposes of the company. Participants and audience can in no case claim for image rights.

Terms and conditions NDT Summer Intensive 2014
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