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In Medias Res

Andrea Miller’s starting point for this ballet was the Greek myth of Sisyphus, who was sentenced to the absurd task of pushing a rock up a hill, only to see it rolling down again for all eternity. The French philosopher and writer Albert Camus wrote on this story: "the struggle itself [...] is enough to fill a man's heart. We should imagine Sisyphus happy." This gave Miller the idea where an alternate cast of figures, 2 Adam’s and 2 Eve’s all share the same island, where discovery, desire and fate are measured, discarded and reinvented to expose the human attraction to being human.


World premiere

1 november 2012, Lucent Danstheater, Den Haag


Andrea Miller

Over In Medias Res
November 05, 2012

In Medias Res van Andrea Miller en Legion van Douglas Lee tonen een kracht van vernieuwing in dansstijlen op het podium.

Over In Medias Res
November 09, 2012

De Chinese Jianhui Wang en de Taiwanese Meng-Ke Wu waren wat dat betreft de sterren van de avond: strak en geconcentreerd in Sleepless, komisch en knettergek in het fascinerende In Medias Res van Andrea Miller.