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Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams (1990) looks more like the result of a nightmare than that of a peaceful dream. But those that have seen this ‘masterpiece with the apples’ will never forget it. In this ballet Kylián takes an ironic look at the complex world of the human sub-conscience. Surrealistic, often erotic and impressive throughout. He was inspired by ‘Laterna Magika’ from Prague and the music of Webern. NDT is the only company in the world that has this extraordinary piece on its repertoire.

World premiere

24 mei 1990, AT&T Danstheater, Den Haag


Jiří Kylián

Additional Credits

Muziek: Johann Sebastian Bach: Partita Nr. 2 - d' moll BWV 1004 (1720)- Sarabande - electronische bewerking: Dick Heuff

Sander Hiskemuller, Trouw
Over Sweet Dreams
October 29, 2012

‘Jiří Kylián’s Sweet Dreams is een perfecte en steeds weer verrassende synthese van beweging, vormgeving en thematiek’

Eddie Vetter, de Telegraaf
Over Sweet Dreams (2)
October 29, 2012

Sweet Dreams is een fascinerend surrealistisch schouwspel, haarfijn en messcherp in beeld gebracht in flitsende scènes’