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FLESH - wereldpremière Ivan Pérez

The Spanish choreographer and Nederlands Dans Theater I dancer Iván Pérez brings his first work for Nederlands Dans Theater II in this programme: FLESH.

After a year’s apprenticeship in the 2002-2003 season, Pérez started with Nederlands Dans Theater II in 2004-2005. In the 2007-2008 season he moved on to Nederlands Dans Theater I, where he has been dancing to this day . He won the dance competition ‘Ciudad de Castellón’ Dávalos Fletcher Foundation and was nominated for the ‘Zwaan’ award for his role in Indigo Rose by Ji??í Kylián (2006).

As choreographer, Iván Pérez won first prize in the ‘Young Creators Competition’ in Madrid (2002) and first prize in the ‘International Choreography Competition’ New York-Burgos (2003). From 2004, Pérez has been a deserving participant in the workshop  ‘Switch - From dancer to choreographer’ every year. His ballet  A day minute from 2009 was performed in Spain another two times after Switch. His A transition from 2010 was also danced in Belgium. In 2008 he created Curioso for the National Ballet of Cuba.  

In 2008 he produced Washing Machine  for the project ‘UpComing Choreographers’, for which three dancers with the most striking choreography talent are selected to create a ballet.  Pérez was also selected for this in 2010.

On the stage, Iván Pérez creates a world where everything is possible. In his choreography style he is looking for maximum expressiveness in the body’s movements. This is how he tries to get the best out of the dancers and help them reach a higher level.  

World premiere

24 februari 2011, Lucent Danstheater, Den Haag.


Iván Pérez

Additional Credits

Muziek: Arvo Pärt, ¨Silouans song¨. Album: Summa. Estonian National Symphony, Orchestra and Paavo Järvi.

Arvo Pärt, ¨Draf ich¨. Album: Silencio: Part, Glass and Martynov. Gidon
Kremer and Kremerata Baltica.
Arvo Pärt, ¨ Lamentate-Fragile e conciliante¨, Alexei Lubimov, The Hilliard Ensemble, Andrey Boreyko and SWR Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Eric Withacre, ¨Her Sacred Spirit Soars¨. Album: Cloudburst.

Polyphony and Stephen Layton.
Kostuums: Carlijn Petermeijer

Decor: Iván Pérez

Licht: Tom Visser