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Deus ex Machina

Fernando Hernando Magadan, choreographer and also dancer of Nederlands Dans Theater I,has made his first work for Nederlands Dans Theater II. The Spaniard (Zaragoza, 1981) joined Nederlands Dans Theater in 2001. In addition to his dance career, he developed  into a choreographer early. Hernando Magadan’s talent was noted by former artistic director Anders Hellström during the annual workshops (‘Switch, from dancer to choreographer’), which is why he was selected in 2005 and 2007 to make new work within the talent programme ‘UpComing Choreographers’ (Shift Key and Evergreen respectively). In August 2009, the Spaniard made a composition together with (semi) professional dancers during the ‘Maximum Dance Course’ (the international summer school of Nederlands Dans Theater, DDDDD and Ballet & Co). His most recent work, NAKED APE, premiered during 'TodaysArt09' Festival in The Hague in September 2009.

World premiere

28 oktober 2010, Lucent Danstheater, Den Haag.


Fernando Hernando Magadan