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Bella Figura

Bella Figura is a much praised ballet that Ji??í Kylián made in 1995. Kylián got inspired by the moment in which imagination and reality seem to become one. ‘The moment in which the dream enters our lives and life enters our dreams – that is the point at which my curiosity is aroused.’, as the master choreographer describes it himself.

The mysterious, sensual, nearly unreal movements and the poetic atmosphere make Bella Figura fascinating and compelling. Bella Figura is danced to a harmonious music collage. The light and set keep changing colour and atmosphere, completing  the impressive total picture.

 ‘Bella Figura (1995) by Ji??í Kylián keeps fascinating as a triumph of the imagination, sensual, moving, macabre, refined in its compelling search for the boundaries of beauty.’  De Telegraaf, 2-12-2002.

World premiere

12 oktober 1995


Jiří Kylián