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Uprising, a piece for seven men, is a playful, passionate and irresistible investigation into masculinity. Set to a thumping, industrial soundtrack, the piece is a powerful and touching portrayal of confrontation and brotherhood.

World premiere

3 april 2014


Hofesh Shechter

Additional Credits

Instudering: Bruno Guillore met Sita Ostheimer, Philip Hulford, Christopher Evans, Lorraine Blouin, Stefan ┼╗eromski

Muziekcompositie door Hofesh Shechter, met een sample van Vex’d

Licht: Lee Curran

Decor & Kostuums: Hofesh Shechter

Wereldpremière 24 juni 2006, The Robin Howard Dance Theatre, The Place, Londen
Duur        26 minuten

Uprising is oorspronkelijk mede mogelijk gemaakt door Robin Howard Foundation Commission 2006, Arts Council England en Jerwood Changing Stages Choreolab at DanceXchange.