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Tar and Feathers

Three men and women drifting through a surreal world, balancing on the verge of sub-consciousness and consciousness. Pianist Tomoko Mukaiyama plays her rendition of Mozart on a huge grand piano. One of Kylián’s sources of inspiration for Tar and Feathers (2006) was What is the word by Samuel
Beckett, which turned out to be the last poem the Irish author wrote on his deathbed.

World premiere

9 maart 2006


Jiří Kylián

Additional Credits

Muziek: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Pianoconcert Nr. 9 (K 271) in Es- Majeur Le Jeunehomme (1777) Movement 2: Ändantino"; Samuel Beckett, What is the word (1989); Dirk Haubrich: aanvullende compositie Tomoko Mukaiyama: improvisaties

Over Tar and Feathers

Schrijnend, scherp getekend, subliem belicht, glashelder van beweging en toch intrigerend raadselachtig.