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Judging by its title, 27’52”, you would say this piece by Jiří Kylián from 2002 was a light-hearted affair, as 27’52” refers to the duration of the ballet. Instead, it proves to be poignant. With its dance, set, light and music, _27’52”_ exudes a certain austerity and mystery that will keep you spell-bound. It is a struggle between seeking and being sought, holding and being held. Jiří Kylián demands a lot of the young dancers, you will be wondering if what you see is physically possible at all. 27’52” requires fantastic technique and sharp timing, and Kylián makes excellent use of this talent of the dance group. After you have seen this piece, it will keep you wondering for some time what it was that master Kylián wanted to tell you.

‘Without dramatic bombast Kylián makes a shiver run down one´s spine…’ (Het Parool)

World premiere

21 februari 2002, Lucent Danstheater, Den Haag.


Jiří Kylián

Additional Credits

Dirk Haubrich (nieuwe compositie, gebaseerd op 2 thema's van Gustav Mahler)

Concept decor:
Jiří Kylián

Joke Visser

Kees Tjebbes