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Sad Case

Now in hindsight you realise that energy is anything. When Sol and I created Sad Case in 1998, so far into her pregnancy, the hormones were jumping and emotions were high. It is these hormones of laughter, madness and the trepidation of the unknown ahead that are the umbilical cord of this work.
“Sad Case is actually a rather happy case. The five white-faced, red-mouthed dancers in Lightfoot León’s creation twitch, curl, and swing cartoonishly to crooner tunes and Latin beats as they contort their faces into hyperbolic expressions. Their clownish faces and manic gestures are spicy and refreshing in contrast to the last two pieces. It’s light. It’s fun.”  THE BROOKLYN RAIL


7 februari 1998, Lucent Danstheater, Den Haag


Sol León en Paul Lightfoot

Additionele Credits


Perez Prado: Muchachita
Dominguez: Frenesi
E. Lecuona: Always in my heart
Ray Baretto: Watusi
Los tres panchos: Perfidia
Perez Prado: Maria Bonita

Decor en kostuums:  Sol León en Paul Lightfoot
Licht: Tom Bevoort